7 bank strategies that the UFirst Money Merge Account system  uses

                            Expanded Explanations of the Seven Complex Banking Strategies

1. - Interest CancellationMoney Merge Account Logo

When repaying a mortgage, or any debt, it's not the rate you pay that's most important. What matters most is the total amount of interest you pay over the term of your loan. Borrowing cheap money to pay back large sums of expensive money is ONE way to create interest cancellation.

Our program makes this process as easy as point and click. (read more

It is much easier to save interest than it is to earn interest because of the way our banking system functions.

If you went into a bank and handed the teller $4, and they gave you back $18, how many times would you like to do that?

Banks use arbitrage - they pay a little interest and earn a lot of interest. With interest cancellation you will learn how to pay a little interest to save a lot of interest. Read more about this strategy here.

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2. - Interest Accumulation

Interest Accumulation cash stack

Keeping your money in interest bearing accounts while leveraging free money to pay your bills is one form of interest accumulation. Most people think you can only earn interest on money that is put aside for later. We show you how to have every dollar you earn working for you 24/7.

With a regular GPS system, you enter information about where you are and where you want to go. It then tells you how to get there in the quickest time.
With our financial GPS system you can utilize the same strategy to reach your destination of zero obligations in the quickest time.
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3. - Interest Float

Borrow the banks money for free. You may already be doing this. Do you buy things with your credit card and then pay it off in full at the end of the month? You are charged zero interest charges when you do, right? This is one example of interest float.

Why not pay your bills using someone else's money?
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time value of money

4. - Time-Value of Money

Let the Money Merge Account System "GPS" prompt you how to position your money and pay your

bills for optimum benefit for your financials.

Every night banks sweep our accounts and use our money to earn themselves more money.
Why do you think most banks close deposits for the day at 2:00 pm or sometimes 3:00 pm?

Also, what do you think the banks are doing with our money while our checks/cheques are waiting to be cleared before we can use those funds? Banks understand the time value of money and use the concept everyday.

Let our program guide you so you can take advantage of time—just like the banks do.
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5. - Advanced Strategic Pay-off

Financial GPS

Advanced positioning strategies, determined like a GPS, calculate how to get you from point A (where you are right now) to point B (where you dream of being) using the quickest path.

We have been led to believe that the interest rate is the most important factor when deciding in which order to repay our debts BUT, the rate is only ONE factor.

Our program's calculations include ALL the characteristics of each debt to determine when to repay each one.

Some other important factors to consider are how the interest is calculated, the length of the loan and the monthly payment amount.



6. - Reposition and Maximize Idle Money

How does having your money sitting in a checking or savings account, year after year, benefit you?

If you earn $5,000 a month in net income, and you deposit that into your check account every month, then it sits there until you pay the bills or maybe you put a little in a savings account; that's $60,000 of deposits of your money being banked over a year that you could have had working for you—but instead
it's been working for the bank.

That is 1.2 million dollars over 20 years that has been working for the bank and doing nothing for you. It is time to change that.

Contact us now for a no-cost, no-obligation analysis to get your idle money working for you at its highest potential.



7. - Dynamic Financial Tool

The Money Merge Account Software, Coaching and Education System, assisted by our team of coaches, takes the 6 strategies listed above to a whole new level.

This website has explained the concepts in simple terms, so you can understand the principles behind the math.
Years of extensive work by a team of NASA IT experts have helped create this Money Merge Account system, a financial navigation solution for the every day American or Canadian citizen to use to pay off their borrowed obligations while building wealth.

The Money Merge Account system is not a theory or an idea. It is an actual financial tool. It is a dynamic, real-time, software program that works like a GPS. We enter where you stand financially right now and it is set to guide you to zero debt in the quickest and most efficient way possible for your
unique circumstances. If you happen to get off track, it will instantaneously reset the numbers to get you back on track. It is just math. But it is very complex math.

It helps you, the user, to stay focused on your goal because you can see the effect of spending your money, before you spend it. You can be sure you are making an educated decision because you can see, in real time, your whole entire financial position in front of you from any online computer, anywhere in the world.

Money Merge Account Coaching and Education System

The software is constantly being upgraded with more and more features and abilities that are just not available with any other program. On top of all that, upgrades to your software are FREE.

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6 bank strategies along with the UFirst Money Merge Account system make our software exceptional