UFirst Money Merge Account, Financial Navigation Solution from United First Financial



_______________________________________________________________________________________________________ UFirst, Money Merge Account, is smartest way to project  future vacation projection for budgeting


  Our UFirst Money Merge Account® system, financial navigation solution, provides the ability to do budgeting
  projections like, what is the TruCost
of a $10,000 family vacation 6 months from now in relation to my whole
  financial circumstances?


UFirst, Money Merge Account is smartest way to determine how to finance your new car purchase

  Would financing a car purchase through a finance company be a smartest choice or an uneducated choice,                                rather than financing the car purchase with a home equity line of credit or a personal line of credit?

  Ask us to show you how to figure out the best interest saving choice for you.

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Instant 'TruCost' assessment of all purchases, past, current and future. TruCost in relation once again to your current financial position,
the day you are looking at your Money Merge Account software. How much is really costing you to spend each dollar?

Anyone who has debt must know that the price they are charged for any item is not the actual cost they are paying. One must consider the fact that if they did not spend that money but instead paid off the principal of one of their debts, how much interest savings would that represent?         The Money Merge Account system gives you the benefit of not just knowing the trucost but also, which debt principal gives you the most interest savings for your prepayment.      


INCOME AND EXPENSES:  View your itemized income and expenses, your current balances and track your discretionary income.
MONEY MERGE ACCOUNT SAVINGS:  View the amount of money and time you are currently saving with the Money Merge Account system.

BUDGET:  View your current monthly, annual and working budgets, along with your budget history from time on the Money Merge Account



See the 'Years to Pay Off' and the 'Interest Paid' numbers go up if you were to choose not to follow the program or if you want to
determine whether you are making a great decision or a not so great decision, BEFORE you act on it.

                       PAYOFF DATE                                        YEARS TO PAYOFF                                               INTEREST PAID
                     November 2019                                                  11.33                                                          $97,455.48

                       PAYOFF DATE                                        YEARS TO PAYOFF                                               INTEREST PAID
                        January 2023                                                   14.50                                                         $126,597.48

See first hand the effect of making different budgeting choices. If I only spend $50 a month instead of $150 a month at Starbucks, what
effect will that extra $100 savings have on my 'years to pay off'?



UFirst Money Merge Account. text message for bills due. text for true cost. text for folder balances

          Comprehensive budgeting system offers enhanced features that truly take your financial life to a new level.

          Ability to organize your money into 'Folders'. Keep track of all your separate accounts, properties, debts etc.

          Choose whether you want to have
Cell Phone Access to those folders for balance updates,
          (ie; while in the grocery store, how much money do I have left this month? call your folder to find out)   
          Choose whether you want
Text Messages or Emails reminding you an upcoming bill is due to be paid, and                                   then choose to have the system pay it for you or not.
  This feature coming soon!                  


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       You have a choice of how aggressively you want to pay off                      Aggressive Scale -    1        2       3       4,     5       6
       your debts, with 6 different levels of speed from slow to fast.

       You can also set it to save up for a special holiday or future purchase. It can incorporate your desires into the calculations.

Money Merge Account Financial Navigation Solution by UFirst

       The Money Merge Account system provides financial education and coaching for the life of the program.
       The system provides a Financial Tool that is so fun and easy to use the 15 minutes of discipline of updating the
       information is sort of addicting and is very pleasurable.

       The Money Merge Account system does not move your money and does not pay your bills, however, you do have
       the ability to have a third party organization, the same one many banks use, to automate many of your banking
       transactions including recording the performed actions into your system.  (Coming soon)


UFirst, Money Merge Account system, Financial Navigation Solution, the fastest way to build wealth FUNCTIONS LIKE A FINANCIAL GPS

           Unexpected circumstances arise? Not a problem for our Financial Navigation Solution which   
        recalculates instantaneously to keep you on track to achieving your goal of all obligations paid
        to zero.

        No speculation or personal opinions used, just cold, hard, accurate, mathematical calculations.            


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While in a store you just found an item that you want to buy.
You can call your Money Merge Account system and ask it when the 'BEST TIME TO BUY'
the particular item actually is. The program
will look at all the numbers and report to you. It may benefit you financially to wait a week or two or three.
Instead of emotionally purchasing anything, anytime, find out the  'Best Time to Buy' for your personal financial circumstances. Waiting
just one day may save you a worthwhile amount of interest!


As of August 2008 $155,000,000 of mortgage and consumer debt has been paid off so far saved.

Join the growing number of clients who have, in just two years, paid off more than
$155,000,000 of mortgage and consumer debt using the United First Financial
® Money
Merge Account system and have on top of that saved an enormous amount of interest.


TWO VIDEOS                                                                                               heaps of interest can be saved - find out by completing your Money Merge Account analysis now
Watch two videos here. One on 4 strategies used by the Money Merge Account system and                            the other is a demonstration of some of it's benefits.


UFirst Money Merge Account, Financial Navigation Solution from United First Financial