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Sent: Monday, October 1, 2007 7:55:52 PM

Subject: Money Merge Account testimonial
Pushkara Ashford, elated United First Financial client
Hi, Bhala,
Below is my testimonial.

Dear Bhala,

I want to thank you for introducing me to the United First Financial Money Merge Account program. This program provides a fantastic opportunity for homeowners to actually pay off the principal on their mortgage. In addition, it is an interest cancellation program.
I will save literally thousands of dollars in interest on my 7/1 interest only ARM while canceling or keeping HELOC interest to an absolute minimum.

You and your team were very thorough in educating me, answering my questions and analyzing my situation prior to my purchase of the Money Merge Account software. I found the software very easy to use after only one tutorial. And it's fun!

I knew what to anticipate as the number of years to payoff of my mortgage based on the income and debt numbers I gave you initially.  To
my surprise and delight, the original 11.8 years is currently set at 4.25 years based on additional discretionary income I've added in since
that first analysis.

The Money Merge Account software gives me the incentive and the courage to pay down my mortgage principal at lightning speed while also allowing me to project ahead for certain rather large home maintenance and repair expenses in a way that won't significantly affect my projected mortgage payoff date.

With the Money Merge Account software, I can foresee actually paying my mortgage loan off within the years remaining on my 7/1 ARM.

I'm spreading the word among my friends.

Many blessings and thanks,
Pushkara Ashford


Sent: Saturday, October 18, 2008 9:43:26 AMElated client of UFirst Money Merge Account, system David Rosenfeld
Subject: Testimonial

Hello Jennifer,

“I started using the Money Merge Account Program in March of 2008. In three months, the program showed me how to pay off
$10,850.00 on the principal balance of my first mortgage, without making any additional payments out of my pocket and not changing my lifestyle.

Prior to using the Money Merge Account program, I had been making regular payments on my mortgage for the past two years and was only able to payoff $6,100 toward my principal balance. This got me really excited to see the power of what this program could do for me and my family.

I also realized that I had found a viable tool that could help me to track all my income and expenses and really have a plan on how to payoff all of my debts and mortgage in record time. This program is really changing my life and how I think about money and my future without debt and all the possibilities that this will bring to me and my family.”

David Rosenfeld

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Monday, November 17, 2008 4:37:43 PMAlex Spencer Senior Executive Branch Manager, United First Financial
Subject: The Best Answer I've Seen To....

I can do this myself! Contributed by Sr Branch Manager Alex Spencer

Recently, my wife and I were migrated to Version 4.1 of our Money Merge Account Software Program. 
How is it working for us?  In one word:  WOW.  No, WOW doesn't quite cut it.  WOW times 1000. 
There, that is more accurate. 

In only two short weeks on the product, we have:
1 - Evaluated 4 different investment opportunities to find the best one.
2 - Taken our 28 year long mortgage down to 4.78 years.
3 - Realized the impact of our "eating out" habits and reformed our ways.
4 - Paid off over 50% of our credit card debt.

These are facts!  I have the proof on paper in black and white ink. Could I have done all that on my own?  Sure, but how long would it have taken me?  The 4 investment opportunities alone would have kept me knee deep in excel spreadsheets for the next month or so.  How long did it take with the Money Merge Account program?  About an hour for all 4.

Would I have been able to realize that moving $4,631.50 from savings to send to my Visa card?  Not a chance.  I would have probably just kept making minimum payments.  Or I would have just sent an extra $1,000 or so.  How would my human mind have ever conceived that $4,631.50 would leave behind enough in my savings to earn maximum interest and keep me liquid, while maximizing the reduction of interest on my credit card and thus minimizing the interest that I give to my credit card company?

How could I have known that for every $50 I spend in dining out was actually costing me $71.16 in true costs?  That is years and years of drowning in consumer debt that I can save myself.  All of a sudden, the Olive Garden didn't taste so sweet.

So to everyone out there that thinks they can get themselves out of debt, build true lasting wealth, and never worry about money on their own:  I wish you the best of luck.  For me; I sleep like a baby knowing that I will be debt free in 4.78 years, be a millionaire by age 35,  retire at the ripe old age of 40.

Will I ever have to stress over a major financial decision?  NO. My un-biased software will make those calls for me.

Will I ever wonder if my money is really working for me or someone else?  NO. I know my money is where it will suit me best.

Will I ever miss a payment or risk damage to my credit score?  NO. My software will remind me to pay all my bills.  It will even do most of that work for me!

But hey.  You can do this on your own.  Have fun with the countless hours of spreadsheets and turmoil.  I will be relaxing with my family if you change your mind.

Alex Spencer - Sr Branch Manager


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