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 My Responses to Six Common Concerns. 

1. I can do this myself

2. Not enough discretionary income

3. Not computer savvy

4. I want to keep my mortgage because I want the tax deduction

5. Compare a bi-weekly mortgage plan and a 15 year mortgage with the Money Merge Account

6. Cost of the Money Merge Account


UFirst, Money Merge Account, Financial, Navigation, Solution, I can do this myself    
      1. I Can Do This Myself!

Navigation System of a Paper Airplane
     The United First Financial® Money Merge Account® System is comparable to
     the navigation system of a paper airplane...

Navigational System of a Jet using Auto Pilot Capability

   ... the highly technical navigation system of an actual jet and flying
       it with the auto pilot capability.                                                        


The Money Merge Account system functions like a state of the art navigational GPS system like the ones used in many vehicles, only
this one is made for navigating our financial landscape and so I call it a Financial Navigation Solution.

Therefore, even if you think you have the time and the capability to calculate the many constantly changing variables in your life as
precisely as our highly advanced software can, I do not believe it is humanly possible to match this systems numerical solutions.

The GPS adapts and adjusts to each client's personal real life situations instead of expecting clients to stick to a static spreadsheet
type plan. 
Also, UFirst is constantly upgrading their system and all past and future upgrades have been and will be free.

Do you really believe you would be able, and have the time, to calculate the following
factors each and every day? And also, could
you determine how each of these variables effects and inter-relates with each other, in the unified scheme of your financial position?

        * varying monthly expenses - e.g. electric bill is never the same amount. depends on the season.
        * varying monthly income - especially if you are self employed or have seasonal work.
        * varying dates one pays their bills - not everyone pays all their bills on the 1st of the month every single  month, year after year.
        * varying daily circumstances - amount spent on travel/gas is just one of many daily variables
        * current interest rate.
        * fixed or variable interest rates.
        * amount borrowed, which changes as you pay it back on lines of credit.
        * limit on line of credit, which can be increased or decreased.
        * varying daily balance owing.
        * monthly payment amount often varies, especially for credit cards, lines of credit etc.
        * varying day you pay scheduled monthly payments.
        * how interest is calculated, amortized or average daily balance etc.etc.
        * unexpected income or expenses.

Everyone has out-of-the-ordinary fluctuations with their financial positions daily. Our Financial Navigation Solution maximizes the
efficiency of the numbers instantaneously so you always know where you stand and in which direction you are heading.


Let UFirst Money Merge Account Financial Navigation Solution, GPS,  help you     No-one, I don't care how smart you are at math, can equal the calculations that this software
    will perform for you, and therefore you will lose both time and money by not taking advantage
    of the Money Merge Account system.

    Also, what happens if you get perplexed with a problem you cannot solve on your
    How much might a financial professional charge to help you solve it?     

Toll-free coaching for the life of the UFirst, Money Merge Account program, Navigation solution
If you are using the Money Merge Account system, you have access to over the phone, free, live,               one-on-one coaching available through out the life of the program.        

Wouldn't using our toll-free, one-on-one 'live-coaching' while taking advantage of our Money Merge Account system make more sense?                        

It is pretty common knowledge that anyone can add extra dollars to pay down the principal debt they owe.
Click here to read how Alex Spencer answers the I Can Do This Myself statement after using version 4.1 of the Money Merge Account system for himself.

                                                                       Are you ready to start getting your financial landscape manicured?                    
UFirst, Financial GPS, Not Enough Discretionary Income, United First Financial Navigation Solu
    2. Not Enough Discretionary Income                    

Money saved using  UFirst, Money Merge Account system, financial navigation solution, GPS
The Money Merge Account system  frees up discretionary money for you as it instructs you which debts to pay off first. Ask me how this works.

What is discretionary income?
After paying all your bills, buying your food, paying your mortgage etc., the money left each pay period sitting in your account, or pocket is discretionary income.

Obviously the more discretionary income you begin with, the better for you, however, under certain circumstances the no-cost analysis will show that with $50 or less discretionary income available each month, this program may save you interest dollars and pay off your debts years earlier.

Find out where you stand. CONTACT US. We will do a free-of-charge, no obligation analysis for you.

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UFirst, Financial GPS, Not Computer Savvy, UFirst, Financial Navigation, Money Merge Account  
3.  Not Computer Savvy.
                                          UFirst, GPS, Money Merge Account system, financial navigation solution, united first financial
The Money Merge Account system has been created with the average home owner's needs as the top priority. 
It has been created so anyone who has high speed internet access can use this program.

This is also the reason you have access to training and coaching through out the life of the program.
* Yes, you can call and speak, one-on-one , with a real live person if you choose to.

* There are also live webinar opportunities as well as recorded video tutorial presentations for you to

You choose to keep this system as simple or as complex as you wish.

The Money Merge Account system can be used just like a check/cheque book register, which records
everything coming in to and everything go out of your cheque account.

OR, you can be more complex and create folders that you can text message to find out remaining balances.

Imagine being in a grocery store. You have forgotten how much money you have left in your grocery budget this month.
Not a problem. Just text message the folder and it will let you know, so you never have to spend more than your allotted budget.

You can utilize automatic bill pay and have text messages remind you that a bill is due. You will be given the option of paying the bill
now or later.

You can text your Money Merge Account system and ask it the true cost of a big ticket item you may be looking at while in your
favorite 'toy' store.

You can even ask it if this is the 'best time to buy' that item in relation to your whole financial circumstance at that moment.
It could say 'yes' or it could say 'wait a week' or a 'month' etc. if you want to know the optimum time for saving the most interest

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Tax Deduction, UFirst, GPS, United First Financial, Money Merge Account, MMA, GPS, Solution         
4. I Want To Keep My Mortgage Because I Like The Tax Deduction.

Uncle Sam the Tax Man - UFirst, GPS, Money Merge Account system, financial navigation solution, GPS
I am NOT licensed in the financial field but I have investigated this issue. What I came to understand is a basic mathematical principal.

Here is the question I asked myself..... Why do I want to give the bank $1.00 of interest charges just so I can
possibly receive 30 cents (depending on which tax bracket I qualify for) as a tax deduction?

Wouldn't it be more sensible to not pay the $1.00 in the first place? Then I would be saving 70 cents that I can
either invest or use to improve the quality of my life.

OR.... further more, I could pay off my mortgage with the Money Merge Account system (while still receiving a tax break) own my home
outright, title deed in hand, then donate that $1.00 to charity and still qualify for a tax deduction. Then my money would be being invested
in helping someone in need rather than just giving the lending institutions my money. 

I am sure there are many other scenarios that would create the type of tax break that one desires without having to stay in debt to do so.

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Financial GPS, Compare 15 yr, bi-weekly & UFirst Money Merge Account system    
5. Compare a Bi-Weekly & a 15 yr. Mortgage with our Money Merge Account system
1929 Mortgage Note - Pay off yours with Ufirst Money Merge Account system        Let's do a Mortgage Comparison so you can understand why having your no-cost analysis completed
         soon may well be one of the smartest decisions you have ever made.

         If you had a 30 year, $200,000 mortgage at 6%, with a $1,199 monthly payment -
         which option would you choose to repay it?

                      30 Year  $200,000 Mortgage @ 6%                             

                             Payment                           $1,199 / Month                  
                             Total Interest Paid             $231,677                          
                             Payoff Term                      30 Years                            

Bi-Weekly Payment Plan -

                                                                Payment                            $599.55 / 2 weeks              
                                                                Total Interest Paid              $182,053                           
                                                                Payoff Term                       24.5 Years                         
15 Year Mortgage -

                                                                 Payment                              $1,687.71 / Month             
                                                                 Total Interest Paid                $103,788                          
                                                                 Payoff Term                         15 Years                           

Money Merge Account system

                                                                 Payment                               $1,199 / Month                  
                                                                 Total Interest Paid                 $70,422                            
                                                                 Payoff Term                         10.4 Years*   


* Based on $5,000 Monthly Income - $4,000 Monthly Expenses = $1,000 Discretionary Income


                                                       Bottom Line Results

Money Merge Account navigation verses Conventional 30 year mortgage
30 Year Mortgage -
Paid for Home twice.
Total Interest Paid +       
Original Loan

Bi-Weekly Payment Plan -
13 Applied Payments/ Year -
Additional out-of-pocket expense,

Does decrease mortgage term
and save interest.

15 Year Mortgage -
Reduces Loan Term but does require
a higher monthly payment.

Money Merge Account system -
Shortest Mortgage Term,
Keeps monthly payment the same as
a 30 year loan,
Largest interest savings.



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UFirst , United First Financial GPS, Financial Navigation Solution, Money Merge Account, MMA, UFF
      6. Cost of the Money Merge Account system

As was pointed out in answer #1 the amount of time and interest savings will always far outweigh the cost of this program. 
If not, we wouldn't even want you to invest in it.

Amortization schedule of $200,000 6% 30 year mortgage 
Let's first look at the cost of a mortgage and
   refinancing. Check out the amortization schedule
   that portrays real mortgage numbers. The cost        
   of this $200,000 mortgage is $231,677  which 
   is an interest charge equaling approximately
   116% of the amount borrowed over 30 years.

   Another point to make is, let's look at re-financing
   and why it is pushed as a beneficial option.
   Why are 1st time mortgages set up with higher
   interest rates that are encouraged to be lowered
   a few years down the road with enticing lower
   monthly payments? We're sure you know the
   answer, so.....

    ....Rather than explain that here, just look at
    the amortized schedule that portrays a
    $200,000 mortgage @ 6% over 30 years.
    In fact, go and look at your own amortization
    schedule and see how much interest you are
    paying the bank over the first 5 to 7 years of
    your mortgage.

Why 5 to 7 years?
Where could you earn a return of over 80% in 5 years like the banks earn from you

The national average for homeowners to re-fi or
sell their home is 5.65 years. Look at the amount
of interest paid over five years in this example, 
approx $58,000. Isn't that over 80% that the banks
are earning off you? Where can YOU earn over 80%
in five years?

Now, take from the 5 year equity build up of $13,891
the refinance costs or selling costs etc. and it's bye
bye $13,891 of equity. Of course we are only looking
at the actual math. We are not including any variables
of market values rising or lowering the value of the property, which could possibly increase or decrease
your equity.

Now what? You have either refinanced or you have
sold your home and purchased another one. Now, 
you start at month one all over again with a higher
debt owing and the highest percentage of your
monthly mortgage payment being paid to the bank 
for interest, again.

Not only that, but every single time you refinance or sell any property you are hit with closing costs and fees and taxes etc. over and
over and over again. So in this example, if this couple refinanced their 30 year mortgage every 5 years, this is what that looks like: 
  5 yrs of interest paid to bank = $58,000. Equity build up is = to approximate cost of refi or selling & buying fees/taxes, $13,891
10 years, $58,000 interest paid to bank + the 1st 5 yrs. $58,000 = $116,000
- $13,891 approx cost of refi or selling & buying fees/taxes.
15 years, 58,000 plus $116,000 = $174,000.                                            -  $13,891 possible cost of refi or selling & buying fees/taxes.
20 years of interest @ $58,000 per 5 years = $232,000. So far you still have no equity. After 20 years you own zero % of your home but
have paid the bank $232,000 in interest charges. Need I continue?

Where else would you pay someone this sort of interest? Over 80% in 5 years.
Where could you invest and earn this type of interest rate, securely? No where I know of.
It is much easier to save interest than it is to earn interest! So let's get started !!!


So, as you can see on the amortization schedule above, refinancing costs a lot.

The conventional banking method of refinancing dramatically increases your debt where as the
Money Merge Account system, coaches you completely out of debt while it is building your wealth.

You can use the Money Merge Account system, financial navigation solution for the rest of your life to coach you to
pay off any debt, mortgage or otherwise, with a life time of customer support and
never have to refinance again.

Our conclusion is that Refinancing over and over again Steals Your Wealth, whereas, the Money Merge Account system is a Steal.

           For less than 10% of that amount we have a proven solution.

Contact us now and stop paying the banks so much interestPart of the analysis function is to calculate your cost to purchase the program.

The cost varies based on whether you have at least one mortgage or no mortgage/s,
your additional purchase of the Optimizer (optional) and your payment method (cash or terms).
You can begin using this incredible system though for a down payment of $250, if you choose the terms option.

Contact us now so we can prepare your no-cost analysis and have you on your way to debt freedom in the fastest way possible.

Questions Answered about United First Financial, Navigation Solution, Money Merge Account