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United First Financial® and it's agents believe in supporting those who are interested in becoming an agent with this awesome company.
After you decide to sign on as a UFirst agent we show you the 8 steps to success and support you along the way to achieving your goals. 
You can earn substantial commissions while having the rewarding position of spreading the word about the fact there is a way for USA and Canadian citizens to pay off all their financial obligations while building wealth for themselves.

The best way to be excited about this program is to see what it can do for you, so ask for your no-obligation analysis today.


The UFirst Money Merge Account system, financial navigation solution truly is the only real option that is available to everyone.
Functioning just like a Financial Global Positioning System, it guides each person, family or business out of the mire of financial stress and into
the land of financial opportunity.

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I am a Realtor!
How does the UFirst Money Merge Account system help Realtors?

*   When a homeowner pays off their mortgage they can - Supersize their home - (real estate opportunity),
*   Buy a second home - (real estate opportunity),
*   Buy an investment property - (real estate opportunity),
*   Help the kids buy a home - (real estate opportunity),
*   Down size the home for empty-nesters - (real estate opportunity). 
*   In addition, with the Money Merge Account Express they can tap into families in apartments to help them pay off their debt and save a down
     payment for a home - (real estate opportunity). 

How's that for starters!
From Millsw
And there's more.............
*   Next, you want to make it clear that this will be used in conjunction with their existing business; to give it a jump start.
*   You will need to let them know that the UFirst Money Merge Account system gives them (RE) a reason to call past clients and a reason
     to call those he/she is currently working  with, and could give the new clients an idea as to how fast they could pay off their new home...
*   It will also allow the new client to possibly purchase a more expensive home based on what the pay off date would be.
*   For the RE agent, he would be able to bring this to all other agents he works with and also to the Mortgage  Brokers, who are great prospects.
*   The RE agent can put up a sign on his listings "... Own this home in 1/to 1/3 the time..."
*   Use the benefit selling techniques.

From Carroll LeVeque
Bishop Strategies LLC

Do you need any more reasons?..............
*   How about creating a LOYAL client for life.
*   Creating strong and loyal lead sources; if your client is happy with your service do you think they might refer their friends and family to you?
*   Either you can tell your clients about the Money Merge Account system or you can be sure someone else will.
*   On top of all this, no license is required to sell the Money Merge Account system in all 50 states of the USA and 5 provinces of Canada.
*   Click here for an example of a real closing document that includes the purchase of the Money Merge Account system paid for by the seller.

Jennifer Bhala Hansen


Brooke Barnett, Mortgage Broker, Money Merge Account system has increased his business.Financial Consultant encourages clients to use the Money Merge Account system during this financiall

                            Scott Schaffer, Mortgage Broker, encourages his clients to use UFirst Money Merge Account system                                                

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