Wealth Building Strategies using a Wall Street Alternative for Fiancial Wellbeing

This page is sharing links to topics of interest that will help you understand further how to build wealth with safety, security and multiple guarantees, including guaranteed growth and guaranteed preservation of capital. These methods adopt a Wall Street Alternative where predictability and tax advantages are key. Each topic title will lead to an indepth article about that topic. Hope you find the information helpful and useful and easy to read.             

If at the end of four years, after paying back the money you borrowed for a car purchase for instance, if I could show you how to own that car AND have all the principal and all the interest back into your bank account as well, would you want to give me an hour of your time?

I look forward to you contacting me in the near future to discuss ways to implement these strategies in your life.

How Much Profit Do Banks Earn On Our Money

Analyzing one scenario. What do banks do with the money in a 5 year CD (Certificate of Deposit), and how much profit do they generate from that. Understanding how banks velocitize our money is way more important than chasing lower interest rates on loans and higher interest rates for returns.

Pay No Tax Earnings

Did you know there was a financial vehicle that allows you to earn tax advantaged income? By tax advantaged I mean you have use of your money without ever paying taxes on those earnings. Read my article to find out about the tax free dividend and tax advantaged interest income.

Cost of Life Insurance

How many financial advisers or TV financial guru's advise Buy Term and Invest the Difference? Have you ever asked them if that is what they do? And if they are or you followed their advise, how is that strategy working for you? To really understand the differences between, and the TRUE COST of, Term Insurance and Whole Life Insurance, read my article today. How many people do you know who can not qualify for life insurance due to their health, their job, their sports interests or the affordability factor at their age?

Is Paying Cash OR Cash Value KING?

When you purchase items do you pay interest, cash or use cash value?  In this article I go over the advantages of multi-tasking your money by using cash value and I hope to convince you why CASH VALUE is KING. Let me know if you agree with me.

Speculation OR Prediction for Retirement

How important is it to make sure your lifetime of hard earned money is safe and waiting for you when you need it? How important is it that the money you have spent a lifetime saving has grown to a point where it can support your retirement years comfortably? If this is important to you then you must read this article.

INTEREST rate vs cost - earned vs charged

We are all taught to focus on INTEREST RATES. Have you ever compared the dollar amount of interest you earn with the dollar amount of interest you pay? You cannot compare by looking at interest rates. There is so much one needs to understand when it comes to paying interest as well as earning interest. I have written a little in my article at the link above. I hope you find it enlightening.

Multi-Task Your Money

Supercharge the money you are now paying your debt off with through your Money Merge Account system. Instead of having your money only eliminating interest debt, why not learn how to have that same money pay for your life insurance, your retirement, your emergency fund, your lending source and life's legacy before you use it to save interest on your debt. Same money just multi-tasking it instead of uni-tasking it.

Becoming Your Own Banker

Best Selling Author, Nelson Nash wrote a book called Becoming Your Own Banker. I suggest you read it if you are interested in securing an awesome financial future for yourself, your family and future generations of your family. Life insurance can be utilized while you are alive, as a living benefit, not just a death benefit.

Benefits of Private Banking with Permanent Life Insurance

Read here about some of the Benefits of Banking Using Specially Designed Whole Life Insurance with a Mutual Company as your Financial Banking Vehicle.

Wealth Building Strategies using a Wall Street Alternative for Fiancial Wellbeing